Eve Online is a massively multiplayer space trading game. It is developed by CCP in Iceland. 
The interface typeface for EVE was drawn as a pixel font by Friðrik Örn Haraldson, and later converted into a vector font.
I was called in to re-draw it, specifiaclly to make it more legible, or readable. I achieved this by rounding the lettershapes (it had been almost completely square), and re-drawing characters to create an internal difference between conflicting characters, such as B and 8, S and 5, and so on.
As the project moved on, we added on some extras. A small-sizes typeface was added, as was a condensed display version. With help from CCP's russians I drew my first non-latin set, a Cyrillic typeface for the russian users.
Cyrillic feedback from Oleg Krapilsky of CCP
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